What are Hidden Treasures?


How do you feel when you find a little tidbit that helps you improve your life?

Is a hidden treasure even something new you find out about someone you meet?

Does it even include information of value others share and you share with them? 


♥The owners of this weblet believes hidden treasures might can add real value, so if you have something of value to add or want information of value, please read on.♥


On the adjoining hub please feel empowered to add things you find of positive value to yourself or to others. If you add items for sale please have them linked to your something to trade ad. 


Do you believe the best way to thrive is by keeping things simple and passion based. When your life is passion based you will enjoy each new day as it comes. Simple then fun is the best way you will find to survive and thrive. 


Do you get out of bed knowing you will spend the day  doing what you love? If not it might be time to rethink how to put your passion to work for you. 





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If your weblet looks unprofessional, it can immediately create the wrong impression for prospective clients or customers. Depending on your industry, the lifetime customer value of any individual or business can be substantial, using the Frega system even more, even if you sell low priced products or services.

Think of it like this: Someone walks past your shop or office, and - because he/she doesn't like what they see - they simply keep going. The sad part is that you may never know how much you lost because of it. Is your weblet being passed by? 

As they say... First impressions are lasting. And perception is everything.  



The Problem:


  • Most weblets look like they come out of the early 2000's. They look cheap - due to the limited functionality of the weblet editor.
  • They don't display correctly on mobile:
  • Columns do not stack on top of one another as they should,and instead remain side by side, becoming tall, narrow strips which are difficult to read.
  • Videos simply don't resize to adapt to the screen size as they should.
  • This creates a terrible first impression upon those who visit it from social media or paid advertisements.




Do your videos look like this?






"The premise is a hand up, not a hand out.

He truly believes and lives this Chinese proverb.

Give a man a fish he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime." 



Dennis founded and runs Lisech eMarketing and  a cause that helps people to get back up on their feet after hardship strikes.


His main goal with the cause is:


    • helping abused women.
    • taking in homeless families




Profits from the consulting and services of this weblet will go towards the cause


When you use these weblet design services, you are financially helping someone less fortunate.  


Dennis has helped many families, working with 20 people at a time. 




A wonderful family that stayed with him from March 2016 until January 2021. They are now back in charge of their own lives again. 



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